fdmr ringtone apk

At FDMR you can download the ringtone of your name from our huge collection of name ringtones by entering your first name in the search box. It’s an fdmr app that provides the easiest way to find fdmr name ringtones for mobile.

Features :

    • There are two features like search ringtones & creating a new one.
    • Just enter your first name, That’s it!
    • Add a personalized message with your ringtone.
    • Add background music withe your name ringtone.
    • No need to waste time over browsing
    • No annoying ads
    • Apk size is 250 kb
    • Get personalized ringtones of your names
    • Best thing is its free!


Note: FDMR means free download mobile ringtones so don’t get confused.
Disclaimer: We don’t provide any copyrighted ringtone or creative work. We’ve our own software for making mobile ringtones. We are distributing our ringtones under creative commons license.

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